About Me

Mariah Morrison- Moo-Moo; Pastry Chef & Mother of 3 kids


Hello my name is Mariah Morrison but everyone calls me Moo-Moo. I'm a mother of 3 kids (2 boys and 1 girl). I love my kids and teaching them about cooking and baking.  I started Moo-Moo's Bakery as a young nine year old girl. I taught myself how to bake and sold desserts at my schools. Moo-Moo is my nickname my dad gave me as a baby.  After my dad passed in 2011 I decided to keep the name Moo-Moo's Bakery as my business name to pay homage to my father..  In 2016 I moved to Florida from Ohio and started to learn more about The Pastry Industry.  In 2018 I graduated from Escoffier Culinary College. In 2020 I started Moo-Moo's Bakery in Pensacola, FL during Covid and team up with The Farm ( a local Farmers market) that helped me introduce my desserts to a lot of different people. I enjoy baking and making people happy with my God given gift. 

What I do in my slow time:

As a mom I'm always busy trying to balance life and work. When I do have down time I get to experiment with recipes, teach classes at The Pensacola Cooks Kitchen, go for nature walks, travel and taste food from new and old restaurants all over the U.S. with my kids as my tasting crew. 

My Mission

I  created Moo-Moo's Bakery to Supply Desserts made from scratch with high quality ingredients, with labels you can read and understand. Our Mission is to create desserts for all types of dietary restrictions so everyone can enjoy desserts no matter the occasion.