We have the top non-chocolate Cake Jars right here for you conveniece. The Flavors for these Cake Jars are:

*Red Velvet: (Moist red cake with a hint of chocolate layered with Italian Buttercream.)

*Cookies & Cream:(moist yellow cake with mini chcolate chips layered in fudge and vanilla buttercream topped with an edible cookie dough ball, fudge and more buttercream frosting.)

*Lemon Jars: (moist lemon cake with lemon zest layered with our lemon curd, and vanilla buttercream frosting topped with candied lemon zest and more buttercream.)

*Sweet Potato Pecan: our moist sweet potato cake with pecans layered with our secret sweet potato filling and Italian Buttercream plus topped with crushed pecans caramel and more Italian buttercream.

Cake Jars (6 Servings)

PriceFrom $43.00
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